Terms and Conditions


  • Toyota Hiace 2.8 Diesel Campervan
  • Not to be used outside of UK or for towing without prior agreement
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Supplied with full tank of Diesel, subject to £50 surcharge plus cost of refilling if not returned with a full tank.
  • Full comprehensive motor insurance cover for Toyota Hiace 2.8 Diesel Campervan
  • Available for up to two drivers subject to prior agreement and provision of driving license, utility bills less than 3 months old and confirmation of address confirming the address of each driver
  • Breakdown and recovery insurance


  • The Toyota Hiace 2.8 Diesel Campervan has comprehensive insurance for 2 named drivers who meet the conditions of insurance. The contents, equipment and other items supplied in the campervan are not covered by the insurance and any damage or loss will incur additional costs which may be subtracted from the required deposit.
  • In the event that incorrect information invalidating the insurance coverage has been provided by the hirer, the hirer is liable for all losses sustained, including claims made by third parties.
  • The insurance for the campervan is limited to 75% of cover for the consequences resulting from fire damage due to cooking or heating. If losses arise as a result of fire damage due to cooking or heating, the hirer will be liable for the remaining 25%.
  • The insurance coverage does not extend to losses arising from the hirer leaving the campervan unattended with the keys inside. Any losses incurred in this way will be payable by the hirer.
  • Should an insurance claim be made, the Hirer is liable for the £500 excess (or an agreed amount, if higher) which is due in when making any claim; as a result, the hire deposit will not be returned.
  • The hirer will also be fully liable for the repair or replacement of the windscreen and any damaged tyres and daily checks for oil and water along with all legal road lights.


  • The driver(s) must have held a full UK driving license for at least 2 years
  • The driver(s) must be aged 25 to 75 unless an alternative agreement has been made in writing
  • The driver(s) must not have more than 6 penalty points on their license
  • The driver(s) must provide all details requested on the booking form, as some restrictions may be applied
  • The driver(s) must bring their photocard driving license when collecting the campervan
  • The driver(s) agree to provide a DVLA "licence check code" so that Mendip Campers can verify their driving licence information
  • If a driver has an old style license then a passport must also be submitted as photo identity.


  • We recommend that you take out suitable holiday insurance to cover any cancellation that may arise or any loss of personal possessions due to fire damage or theft to the campervan as this is not covered by the insurance.


  • A refundable deposit of £500 (or higher, if agreed prior) is payable in advance before the campervan is taken for hire, either by credit card or bank transfer.
  • A full inventory and vehicle condition check will be provided at the beginning of the hire period and will be checked at the end.
  • The campervan is covered in the event of breakdown. If the hirer experiences any difficulties they should contact Mendip Campers in the first instance. In the event of breakdown, recovery or repair, these services will be provided.
  • Unless the hirer was at fault, minor repair costs (under £100) can be authorised by the hirer on Mendip Campers’ behalf. The hirer will be reimbursed upon the production of a receipt upon returning. Repairs in excess of £100 must be authorised by Mendip Campers before any work is undertaken. No repairs or tampering with the gas, cooker or electrics are permitted without written permission from Mendip Campers.
  • Any breakages or damages to the campervan, or missing items from it will be deducted from the security deposit. The campervan van is 2.7m in height, any damage caused by height barriers/bridges/trees etc is the total liability of the hirer.
  • In the event that the campervan breaks down whilst in the possession of the hirer, the hirer should remain at a safe distance from the campervan until recovery assistance arrives. The hirer must not abandon the campervan at the roadside; any costs incurred arising from loss or damage to the campervan whilst left unattended at the roadside will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • In the unlikely event of a breakdown where no repair is possible within a reasonable time, recovery will be provided to Mendip Campers premises and a partial refund may be offered.
  • This refundable deposit will be refunded at an agreed time and date, providing all of terms and conditions of hire have been met.


  • In order to secure a campervan for hire, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the full hire cost will be required at the time of booking; Mendip Campers will confirm the reservation by e-mail.
  • Full payment is required 6 weeks prior to the departure date. A deposit of £500 (or higher) must be made by a traceable means and with corresponding utility bills (less than 3 months old) in the same address.


  • If the prospective hirer cancels less than 2 weeks from the hire date then the full booking payment will be kept by Mendip Campers. If Mendip Campers are able to re-hire the campervan for the full period than a refund may be made.


  • The hirer is personally liable for all fines and legal penalties (including parking tickets, speeding fines and road tolls) incurred during the hire period. Any charges notified to Mendip Campers will be invoiced to the hirer for immediate payment; drivers details will be provided to the relevant authority; if held, the full amount will be deducted from the deposit.


  • Mendip Campers reserve the right to charge the hirer an additional cleaning cost if the campervan is not returned in a clean condition and requires more than ten minutes to clean in order to return it to pre-rental condition.


  • No smoking is allowed in the campervan or awnings. Any damage caused due to smoking in the campervan or awning will be deducted from the security deposit. Damage covered by smoking is not covered by the insurance; the hirer will be liable for the full cost of damages upto an unlimited amount.


  • Pets are not allowed in the campervan. Any damage caused by pets will be charged to the hirer.


  • The hirer will be liable for the total cost and associated costs for replacing lost, broken or stolen keys or fobs. The campervan must remain locked and secured at all times when left unattended.


  • The campervan is for use on made up highways, with the exception of campsite tracks and access roads. Any damage arising from the use of the campervan off the public highway will be chargeable to the hirer.


  • Unless the hirer has the written permission of Mendip Campers, no alterations or modifications to the campervan are permitted.


  • Mendip Campers reserves the right to substitute the reserved campervan with a comparable replacement. The liability of Mendip Campers extends no further than the replacement of a campervan or the refund of hire charges for any days remaining where total use of the campervan has been lost due to breakdown. If the breakdown is the result of driver neglect or misuse then no replacement or refund will be provided and the hirer will be responsible for all additional costs incurred.


  • Collection is normally from 1400 on the first day of hire.  The campervan must be returned before 1200 (midday) on the last day of hire unless otherwise pre-agreed in writing.  Late return of the campervan will incur a charge of £40 per hour.  Should the late return of the campervan disrupt the next hire, any costs incurred will be passed on to the hirer.
  • The hirer acknowledges that the campervan has been received in a clean, working condition with a full tank of fuel and that the details of the departure checklist are accurate. The hirer agrees to return the campervan in the same condition as it was collected, and at the time and date that has been agreed in writing.
  • The hirer acknowledges that Mendip Campers will not refund any monies or have any obligation to provide a replacement campervan if the hired campervan is returned or the hirer ceases to have the use of the campervan before the return date for any reason except non repairable breakdown.
  • The hirer may leave their own vehicle whilst using the campervan; this is entirely at the personal risk of the hirer and Mendip Campers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle or contents however so caused.
  • A hand over lasting approximately 45 minutes should be taken into consideration when the hirer is planning their journey.  Please allow 15 minutes when returning the campervan.

Hirer: I have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions

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